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french pronunciation médecin

How to pronounce Médecin

Learn how to pronounce médecin in French and let’s also meet some specialists and discover some useful vocabulary that you’ll need to talk about medical facts when you are in France.

la fete de la science france 2020

France Celebrates la Fête de la Science 2020

La fête de la science, or the science festival, is a national event organized each year in France. This event is coordinated by the French Ministry of Higher Studies, Research, and Innovation for its 29th edition. Learn more about the purpose and the activities during this event.

When does S Sound like Z in French?

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce the letter S between two vowels? In French, the letter S has 2 pronunciations in the middle of a word: [s] vs. [z].

how to pronounce c'est la vie in french

How to pronounce C’est la vie?

Learn how to pronounce c’est la vie in French and let’s also learn other related French expressions to express that something is not ideal but you accept it. That’s life!

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