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french pronunciation and the liaison with nasal vowels
French Pronunciation

French Nasal Vowels in Liaisons

Learn when to make the liaison with French nasal vowels and discover when the liaison should not be made. This article is everything you need to know about liaisons, denasalization, and French pronunciation.

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alternatives goodbye in french au revoir
French Expressions

How to Say Goodbye in French

Discover how to say goodbye in French and learn the different alternatives to au revoir. You’ll learn in which situations each of these French expressions is the best to use.

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learn how to pronounce eau water in french pronunciation

How to pronounce Eau in French

In this post, you’ll learn the correct pronunciation of Eau in French. You’ll also discover terms that are related to the French word Eau.

la fete de la science france 2020

France Celebrates la Fête de la Science 2020

La fête de la science, or the science festival, is a national event organized each year in France. This event is coordinated by the French Ministry of Higher Studies, Research, and Innovation for its 29th edition. Learn more about the purpose and the activities during this event.

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