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merry christmas in french with music note
French Culture

French Christmas Songs

Improve your pronunciation and learn the liaisons by singing the French Christmas song “Petit Papa Noel”. Songs are an amazing way to master a language.

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how to pronounce aujourd'hui in french today

How to pronounce Aujourd’hui in French

Learn how to pronounce aujourd’hui in French with the associated Instagram video. You’ll also find an infographic and many related words to learn how to use aujourd’hui when speaking French.

how to pronounce bien in french

How to pronounce Bien in French

In this post, you’ll learn how to pronounce bien in French. You’ll also discover the different meanings of the word bien in French. Listen to the pronunciation and check the French sentences.

Silent letters in french (lettres muettes en français) e h t s Master Your French

A Guide to Silent Letters in French

The French language has many silent letters. This pronunciation guide to silent letters will help you better understand the voiceless letters and their pronunciation in French.

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