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The correct pronunciation is a skill to acquire by learning how to pronounce words in French. Videos are a great way to practice and improve pronunciation and to learn the various French sounds. They can also help you to practice single sounds, repeat words, and compose full sentences.

With the series dedicated to effortless French pronunciation, the various video lessons are designed to teach the right pronunciation and to enable non-native speakers to hear the difference in French pronunciation.

Below, you’ll find some of my most popular French pronunciation videos that I posted on Instagram.

In the following, you’ll see 2 forms of short videos pronunciation:

  1. Hear the difference in pronunciation
  2. Pronunciation the right way

Learning the right sounds in French and hearing the difference between similar sounds is important to get French words pronounced the right way.

Find the effortless articles part of our essential French pronunciation dictionary that covers common French words and phrases.

The goal is to grow this set of common French terms and at the same time help you become a much more confident speaker!

Check the master your French definitive guide to learn French pronunciation, if you haven’t yet, and learn more!

Pronunciation of Basic French words

Words in French How to pronounce
Ainsi /ɛ̃si/
Au-dessus /odəsy/
Bien /bjɛ̃/
Bonne Chance /bɔn.ʃɑ̃s/
Tour Eiffel /tu.ʁe.fɛl/

Pronunciation of Difficult French words

Words in French How to pronounce
Beaucoup /boku/
Bienvenue /bjɛ̃vny/
Grenouille /gʀə.nu.j/
Monsieur /məsjø/

French Pronunciation Guides & videos

french pronunciation médecin

How to pronounce Médecin

Learn how to pronounce médecin in French and let’s also meet some specialists and discover some useful vocabulary that you’ll need to talk about medical facts when you are in France.

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how to pronounce bien in french

How to pronounce Bien in French

In this post, you’ll learn how to pronounce bien in French. You’ll also discover the different meanings of the word bien in French. Listen to the pronunciation and check the French sentences.

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