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Improve your French by learning a new vocabulary and developing your reading skills. Discover the best tips to move your French skills to the next level.

How to read French accent marks?

Explore the nuances of reading French accents in this blog. Delve into the correct pronunciation of ‘e accent grave’, ‘c cedille’, and more, with clear examples and practical tips to enhance your understanding of these crucial elements of the French language.

10 things to do after deciding to learn French

10 things to do after you decide to learn French

Si vous avez décidé d’apprendre le français alors vous avez effectué l’étape la plus importante : prendre la décision. Découvrez les 10 choses à faire après avoir décidé d’apprendre le français.

Best online French grammar checkers

Discover tools you can use to check your French for grammar, spelling, punctuations, and conjugation mistakes. Find out the best French grammar checker to choose from.

The ultimate guide to asking questions in French

Learn the many ways of asking questions in French to obtain information. Knowing how to ask questions is essential for getting to know people, working with French speakers, or traveling to France.

Improve your French level by discovering a new vocabulary, enhancing your French pronunciation, and learning new French expressions.

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