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Everything to know about phonological assimilation in French

phonological assimilation in French

The assimilation of sonority in linguistics can influence the pronunciation of words and groups of words in French. Consonants can undergo changes that affect the voiceless or voiced character of their pronunciation. This phenomenon is sound assimilation. Learn the rules and watch the video to understand everything about assimilation in French.

Phonetic alphabet: How to spell semi-vowels in French

Semi-vowels in French form an intermediate category between consonants and vowels. This article presents how to write all the semi-vowels of the phonetic alphabet in French. The order of presentation is from the most common cases to the most difficult ones, including exceptions.

Reading practice: Fairy tales in French

Reading is ideal to help you improve your French pronunciation while learning about French culture. I invite you to listen to these tales in order to make you discover the sounds as well as the use of links and sequences.

French accentuation and stress

Discover the two types of stress in a sentence in French. Listen to the audios to better understand the accentuation and stress in the French language.

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