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Transform the way you learn French:

  • Move away from traditional one-size-fits-all education approaches to a uniquely personalized way to learn French
  • French with Mylene is an adaptive e-learning program based on your needs.
  • Get direct access to personalized French lessons that will get your French to the next level.
  • Learn the spoken French language that you’ll encounter in real-life conversation in France in 2020.

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What Topics does French with Mylene cover?

Here is a selection of topics that are covered by French with Mylene to help you build your language skills and to speak French confidently:

  • French Pronunciation
  • French Listening
  • French Vocabulary
  • French Reading
  • French Writing

French Vocabulary

Choose the topics that you'd like and we'll go through its related French vocabulary. This is best for people looking to dive into topics such as Business French, travel vocabulary, or other topics of interest.

French Pronunciation

French pronunciation is an important skill that many learners build. Get access to live conversations, personalized tips, practice exercises. Soon your French pronunciation will sound like a true French.

French Listening

Successful communication starts with a mutual understanding. Enhance your listening abilities with specific exercises. This will allow you to understand French regardless of the accent.

French Reading

Reading French is a sure way to get your French to an advanced level. I'll share with you the right resources, guides, and books that will help you reach superior levels.

French Writing

Focus on improving your writing skills with writing exercises and tips that are unique to the French language. Enhance your French writing style and become a better writer.

Speak French Confidently

Become a confident speaker, learn the best words and expressions to convince people and to defend your ideas in French. Get all that you need for success.

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