Cultural Differences in Parenting Styles

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Parenting style is a universal topic and all parents share, more or less, the same responsibilities and concerns. In this review, I’ll discuss the relationship between the best parenting advice and language learning.

Is it true that “The Best Parenting Advice Is to Go Live in Europe”?

Recently, I read “The Best Parenting Advice Is to Go Live in Europe“, an article published by The Atlantic and written by Joe Pinsker. The article itself is very interesting, and although it is mainly intended to the American audience, it goes beyond a single country or a single culture.

Parenting styles books

A lot of books have been published on this topic and the plethora of documented parenting styles. Some of these books are mentioned in the article cited above. I’ll narrow this to a selection of 2 books the “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” by Amy Chua and “Bringing up Bébé” by Pamela Druckerman, an American writer who lived in Paris.

Tiger mother vs. Bringing up BÉBÉ

Each book covers a specific parenting style, indeed these styles can be described as opposites. The former is a more relaxed parenting style while the latter is a more hard-driving approach to parenting.

What about the Scandinavian parenting style?

More recently, many studies show that Scandinavian parents have really figured this parenting thing out. In fact, a lot of interesting parenting-related ideas come from Sweden, Finland, or the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Scandinavian countries regularly rank, above the US, as some of the healthiest and happiest in the world (see the “World Happiness Report” by the annual United Nations) as well as the best in terms of children’s well being (see the UNICEF’s Child well-being in rich countries).

woman sitting with kid

A parenting blueprint or a parenting universal secret

There is no blueprint or a universal secret.

There is no doubt that a large number of parents try to explore new methods and sometimes find some inspiration from models imported from other countries.

Being a good parent gets sometimes associated with an endless desire for improvement and a continuous search for alternative parenting styles.

Unfortunately, there is no blueprint or universal secret on succeeding to raise happy and confident kids.

However, parents have to provide a good environment at home and ensure to provide the right education.

Part of education happens at school, another part at home or also in providing kids with lessons to learn how to play on a musical instrument, practice a sport, or learn a new language!

Parenting styles and cultures

In the age of an always online and connected culture where news and viral videos are everywhere, parenting styles seem to resist and continue to be country-specific. Of course, parents’ behavior plays an important role.

While a handful of elements can be borrowed from other cultures and get successfully employed within a family, the vast majority of core approaches are far from being fully implemented.

In fact, practices related to parenting become hard because they depend on the support system in place and the environment where the parents live. No one can emulate another country’s system at an individual level.

As the original article mentions, people can get fascinated by the child-rearing practices of other countries, but those practices might be harder to import than they seem.

kid holding hand of adults

Challenges of language learning and parenting

In a globalized economy and with the rise of artificial intelligence, parents are more and more concerned about the ability of their children to succeed in a hyper-competitive economy.

What’s more interesting is that a lot of these concerns can be applied to a large number of the active workforce in the USA as well as in other countries.

Going beyond seeking the best parenting methods, preparing ourselves to succeed in the next 5 or 10 years is a must.

Many challenges have already been identified such as how artificial intelligence is disrupting the world of work and other challenges are already a fact such as the global pandemic, COVID‑19, that accelerated the shift to remote work.

Continuous education and a focus on soft skills as the founder of Chinese giant Alibaba revealed is what we should be doing every day. A side note, to remind that Jack Ma is a former English language teacher).

Some of these soft skills are related to innovation and creativity. They could be practiced in music, dancing, painting, and also language learning.

This is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our kids!

The benefits of language learning

A large number of studies show the benefits of language learning to strengthen cognitive abilities and to unlock intellectual abilities. In addition, learning and mastering a new skill is something that can make each one of us stand out as it is explained in this article on The importance of becoming multilingual in a global job market.

Indeed, learning French is of valuable importance. There are many reasons to learn French and one of the main reasons is because it can boost a professional career. Also, you can learn about the 10 good reasons for learning French.

Begin learning French, or another foreign language is no doubt an investment that you’ll never regret. In fact, the best (parenting) advice is to focus on language learning.

The best parenting advice and language learning

As I elaborate in this post, the best (parenting) advice is to focus on language learning. If you know a bit of French let’s start elevating your French skills to the next level. It is normal that these first words in French are the hardest!

English speakers already know a large number of French words – and sometimes without realizing it. Master Your French provides various online French courses that are taught by Mylène. Start now, it is easier than ever. I wanted to share this with you if communicating in French isn’t be easy for you today.

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