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Master Your French Listening

Are you ready to get better at French? Wondering how to improve your listening and comprehension skills? Do you want to make faster progress and avoid common mistakes?

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Full Transcripts with Audio​

Find the full transcript of all the podcast episodes in French so that you take the time to study the text and the vocabulary. Besides, practice your listening skills by revisiting the audio recordings and the sound of the associated words.

Weekly French Lesson

Discover new content to learn French. Every week an audio recording with its associated text and exercises is released. The audio is specifically made for French learners. The topics are around language and culture.

Access to a Private Group

Exchange with other French learners in a private Facebook group. I'm personally active in the group and will answer your questions to help you reach the most important goals in your French learning path.

French Vocabulary Lists

Get access to the list of the most useful words extracted from every audio recording. You'll be able to grow your vocabulary in a simple and effective way. What's better than a list of words and expressions that belong to a specific context?

Evaluations & Quizzes​

Evaluate your progress. Test your understanding and challenge yourself to get better every week. This is the best way to identify the weaknesses and focus your efforts to get better at French by working smarter.

Personal Support

Get the support you need whenever you have a doubt about your pronunciation or about a listening challenge. Email me and get a personalized answer so that you keep moving fast towards your goals.

French Listening Online Course

Watch the video below in which I describe the content of the Better French Listening Course. The listening course, put together for intermediate and advanced French learners, is entirely in French.

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Does this sound like you?

How can I improve my French listening online?

I’ve been studying French for a while but I don’t feel like I’m making progress when speaking.

I need to grow my vocabulary. I know that I need to listen to French audio but I’m struggling to understand when I listen to people speaking French

Where can I practice my French pronunciation and listening skills?

I need to get better at French, what’s the best way?

I’m planning a trip to France and I’d like to be able to exchange with native speakers.

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Learn French in just a few minutes a day and with personalized feedback, you’ll reach fluency in French. You won’t be learning alone, you’ll be part of a community and using one of the best educational content to learn French online.

Raise your French Listening skills

Are you having difficulties to maintain a conversation in French? or you’re not able to keep up with French natives: They speak too fast and cut words. And do you want to learn about France and its culture at the same time?
This online course is designed to let you move at your own pace.

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What's inside the French Listening Course

Focus on your listening skills

Listen to audio recordings

Boost your oral comprehension

Practice whenever you want

Discover interesting topics


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Master Your French is a community of French language learners. In addition to the online courses, we publish blog posts, a podcast, and weekly videos with the latest French resources and tips you won’t find anywhere else.

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