My first words in English

Updated: March 20, 2021 by Mylene in Stories

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This morning I was thinking about what I could share with you. I started a list of a few interesting french words to teach you to pronounce when suddenly I saw my shoes. That made me start remembering my first English words (the word shoes in French is chaussures). It is not the words that I learned in a classroom and repeated at school. I’m talking about the first English words I ever used to ask for something!

“I was gasping for air and I thought I wanted to disappear.…”

Master Your French: A Story

The story of my first words in English goes back to 2012, a few weeks after I moved to Newfoundland, Canada

My husband speaks English very well so I always relied on him to call a cab, to buy a bus ticket, or to call for an apartment visit.

It was easy for me. I wasn’t alone.

Then my husband started working and I was waiting for the work permit papers so that I can start looking for a job.

One day I decided that I wanted to start exercising. I’m sure you know that feeling when you wake up one morning and you say out loud, I want to start running today.

So I took the bus and went to the mall: a big Canadian Mall. Not comparable with the size of the average French malls.

Then I entered a sports shop.

I found the perfect shoes…



I had to ask for the right shoe size.

I was alone this time.

How could I do that?……

In addition, the shoe size system is not the same in Canada and in France…..

I started to convince myself that « Ok I’ll come back later on today with my husband… »

But….seriously? It was a bit humiliating to go back home and ask my husband, after a workday, to come again with me to buy these sports shoes.

This is how I decided to get this done on my own: I HAD TO ask for my shoe size.

I think I was sweating and my face was RED.

I found the seller.

I was gasping for air and I thought I wanted to disappear.

My first English words

Honestly, I don’t remember what I asked for but the seller came back with the right shoe size.

I tried the shoes and OH MY GOD it was perfect. I did it!!!

But Oh NO!! It wasn’t yet done: The seller came back and asked a question.

I just SMILED.

He asked once again…

I just SMILED again. I didn’t understand a WORD!!!

So OK I could get new shoes but I couldn’t understand what he was saying…

That’s it.

I still remember this because it was the first time I pronounced my first English words outside of the classroom.

What about you?

I wanted to share this with you to let you know that I totally understand that communicating in French may not be easy for you today. Maybe you hesitate and you’re still waiting to pronounce your first words with a French speaker in the real world (outside of the classroom).

I understand that these first words in French are the hardest!

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My question to YOU is to know if you have a similar story? What will you tell to someone in the same situation?