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Master your French is an online platform for French learners to improve their pronunciation skills.

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Mylene Raad, French pronunciation coach

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“I teach French pronunciation to learners from all over the world, and chatting with you is a real gift for me.”

Master your French helps individuals people looking to take their French pronunciation skills to the next level.

Discover the optimal path to mastering French through our comprehensive online courses. Find courses to practice on your rhythm or book private lessons to enhance your pronunciation skills through a personalized program.

Start learning, practice and get better. Master Your French programs are tailored to help you become a confident French speaker, focusing on the nuances of pronunciation.

Master the pronunciation skills that you need the most when speaking French. Join us on a journey to fluency, where accurate French pronunciation becomes second nature.

Meet Mylene

Mylene RAAD

Founder of Master Your French

I teach French pronunciation and I currently live in the beautiful city of Dijon, France. Master your French offers French learners free resources as well as private online lessons for people looking to take their French skills to the next level.

How do I teach French pronunciation?

The method explained.

It’s a two-step method. First, I explain to you why sounds are pronounced in a certain way. Then, I show you how to improve the pronunciation of sounds.


Working together

Master Your French combines at the same time: teaching, pedagogy, and individual support.

Teaching pronunciation is above all understanding the structure of the French language and its evolution. Pedagogy is always present. Whether in private or in an online course, I like to discover how I can better teach you pronunciation. I learn every day how to better meet your needs so the resources evolve from time to time to be optimized. Individual support completes the puzzle. I offer private calls to better support you. Each learner has a unique linguistic background and I love building a program around a particular learner.

The story of Master Your French begins with travel. Traveling the world made me realize the importance of mastering a language to communicate better. After several months of learning German in Frankfurt, Germany, I moved to Canada to improve my level of English. These experiences allowed me to propose an innovative method to learn French online. Master Your French was born.

This is the story of how Master Your French was born.

Personal programs crafted specifically for you

It is true that…

French pronunciation is very complex to master.

Students are aware…

Many learners are frustrated because, even after several years of studying French, they cannot manage to have good French pronunciation.

Take action now…

But to improve your pronunciation you must not ask yourself how to pronounce a sound, you must ask yourself why you pronounce this sound in a certain way.

Master your French helps learners to improve their pronunciation skills.

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Beyond everything, teaching pronunciation is my



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Find me also on Frenchbookmark if you are a book lover. It’s an online book club dedicated for French learners.


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