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Mylene Raad

Mylene Raad is the founder of Master Your French, an education company to teach the French Language. Master Your French is based in France and is serving students around the world.

Teaching French Language


My story begins back when I was traveling and I felt how great and useful is to learn a new language. After many months spent in Frankfurt to learn German, and later in Canada to improve my English, I decided to share with french learners a new method to study the French language online. This is why I founded Master Your French.


I’ll teach you modern French through online courses and a selection of e-learning classes. Soon, you’ll get comfortable having real-life conversations in French. Start learning spoken French today and improve your pronunciation as well as your listening skills.


As a French language professional, I propose coaching sessions for French learners willing to move their language skills to the next level. This is an opportunity for you to start practicing and perfecting your pronunciation and verbal communication. Become Fluent with my coaching program!

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