French Pronunciation Course

The All-In-One Toolkit to improve your pronunciation

Videos, quizzes, audios that help you improve your French pronunciation.

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Listen and repeat

Listen and repeat audio recordings for every sound in French. Options to slow down and speed up the audio.


Make it simple to see and copy new mouth positions, and understand new concepts such as liaisons, assimilations and enchaînements


Listen to real-life conversations and imitate the native speaker


Learn useful vocabulary. You’ll learn the 800 most used words in French.


Test your listening skills and your understanding. Quizzes are specially made to test your knowledge for every French lesson!


You will have access to a new lesson every month.



  • Do other people seem confused when you speak French? 
  • Do you worry that others are judging your French ability?
  • Do you feel frustrated because you still cannot understand French speakers easily? 
  • Are you angry that you have studied French for years, but still cannot speak excellent French?

The Effortless French Pronunciation Course will help you

Whatever your objective or level in French, mastering your french pronunciation is vital to communicate.

  • Quickly become more comfortable speaking French by mastering all sounds
  • Better understand linking and connection
  • Move at your pace with the subject that interests you
  • Break free from the structure or your native language
  • Be understood by French speakers
  • Benefit from a self-paced program and see how it can transform your French pronunciation

How does this course work?

1. Les sons du français

Learn to recognize the French sounds and understand the international phonetic alphabet (IPA) and how it relates to pronunciation and French alphabet. You’ll better understand how to pronounce correctly: the French consonants such as R, the French vowels such as U, the nasal vowels such as ON, AN, IN and the silent letters such the silent H.​

2. Prononciation

After learning the basic sounds and words of the language, you’ll learn how to pronounce French words the right way. You’ll imitate the sounds, the rhythm and the intonation. You’ll be able to produce most important French sounds clearly with a French accent. You’ll better understand when to pronounce the silent letters, how to pronounce the combination of letters (such as OU, EAU, EIN, the double LL..), the accent marks, the closed and open vowels, the non-aspiration of consonants.

3. Compréhension orale

Gain confidence in your listening skills and test your understanding.

Learning French

Let’s recap everything. You’ll get

Online French Lessons

Instant access to all courses

Support while learning French

Support via email

Exclusive French Lesson

New lesson every month

Improve Your French pronunciation today!


Master the French pronunciation
$ 22
per month
  • > 70+ lessons
  • > 120+ videos
  • > 2000+ audios
  • > 100+ quizzes
  • > New lesson every month


Fast-track your French pronunciation in just 30 days!
$ 37
per month
  • > 30-day course
  • > 50 interactive video lessons
  • > 60 quizzes
  • > Send emails for questions and doubts
  • > 2 months access


Master the French pronunciation
$ 220
per year
  • > 70+ lessons
  • > 120+ videos
  • > 2000+ audios
  • > 100+ quizzes
  • > New lesson every month

Buy now and get a 15 Day Money Back guarantee

I’m a big believer in fairness, so I offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the Effortless French Pronunciation Course. It is the best online French course.
Get this deal today & try it out. If it’s not for you, simply email us any time in the next 15 days.

Online French Pronunciation

If you're wondering

Is this online French course right for you ?


  • The course is suitable for learners with an intermediate or advanced level of French
  • Learners who want to improve their listening and French pronunciation
  • Learners who are ready to work hard and see serious results
  • Learners who are interested in getting feedback and support
  • Learners who want to work or travel to a French-speaking country


  • This course is not meant for complete beginners with zero knowledge of French language
  • Learners who don’t want to put in the time needed to train
  • Learners who are unsure about their commitment to making fundamental change


Most frequent questions and answers

The course is suitable for learners with an intermediate or advanced level of French.

You will be charged $22 every month or $220 every year.

This depends on how long it takes you to learn and how much time you have to study.

To cancel your subscription you just have to send me an email.

You must cancel at least 24 hours before the next billing date to avoid being charged again. If you cancel your subscription, you still have access to the course until your subscription expires.

Yes, you can access the course through your internet browser. You can use your computer, tablet, and phone.

The amount of time it takes to improve your accent depends on:

  • your native language: how close the sound system is to French
  • how long you have been speaking French: a long time ago or maybe 6 months ago?
  • how often you practice: 1 hour per day ou per week? The result won’t be the same.
  • whether you like French: If you don’t like the French culture and/or the French sounds it’ll be difficult to imitate French speakers.
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