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Reading provides you with a plethora of benefits.

When you read, you can spend the time to really break down and internalize grammar, vocabulary and better understand the structure of phrases.

Online French Book Club: When and where?

The calls are exclusively online. 

Choose your group among many available schedules.

We read a new book every month. 

6 French learners per group.

25€ covers one month class for 1 person and includes: 

  • Pre-call preparation: Before every call, I will submit specific questions to help you understand all the elements that the reading group will discuss.
  • A new part each week: I will divide our book into different parts, each part corresponding to 1 week.
  • 1-hour call each week: This is the time when the group meets online to discuss with me and other readers on Zoom.
  • Follow-up emails 
  • Access to the analysis of books we’ve read
It does not include the book which you will have to order yourself early enough to make sure you receive it before our first call.

The places are limited!

Do you prefer reading alone?

There is no call.

9€ covers one month access for 1 person and includes: 

  • +130 worksheets and synopsis (A1-C2)
  • + 100 video
  • + 100 quizzes

Online Conversations

book with other education items

Books contain a richer language.

Average speakers don’t spend as much time choosing their words as writers do. The written words are more nuanced than the spoken words. Writers consider their words more carefully than a native speaker talking with friends.

french man and woman

Books help you get more immersed in the language.​

You just have to grab a book. Do that and you’ll be able to travel through space and time. You don’t have to travel to far away to learn a language.

discussion two persons

Read if you want to be a good communicator.

People who are good communicators have a large vocabulary that they usually acquire by reading. They draw the appropriate vocabulary the moment they need it.

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Build a routine and go at your own pace.

You can take the time to read the book and understand the words and the story.

How to read in French

Read what you enjoy.

Read what is challenging. 

Set yourself short-term targets.

Keep a record of your achievements and celebrate them.

Things you need to know about our reading group

With calls :

The calls are exclusively online. We read a new book every month. 

Choose your group :

  • every Monday at 7pm (Paris time) – Intermediates
  • every Tuesday at 1pm (Paris time) – Intermediates
  • every Wednesday at 7pm (Paris time) – Intermediates
  • every Thursday at 3pm (Paris time) Intermediates
  • every Friday at 2pm (Paris time) – Intermediates
  • every Saturday at 7pm (Paris time) – beginners
  • every Saturday at 6pm (Paris time) – beginners

25€ covers one month class for 1 person and includes: 

  • You’ll receive the pre-call preparation items
  • We read and discuss a new part each week
  • We meet online for a 1-hour call each week
  • We exchange after the call with follow-up emails 
  • Access to the analysis of books we’ve read
You will have to order yourself early enough to make sure you receive it before our first call.

Reading alone:

9€ covers one month access for 1 person and includes: 
  • +130 worksheets and synopsis (A1-C2)
  • + 100 video
  • + 100 quizzes
  • + No call

What will we read together?

May 2024

Here’s the book I chose: La fin de la jalousie by Marcel Proust.

Deeply in love with the beautiful Françoise Seaune, Honoré de Tenvres is constantly moved by this incredible love. Until the day she is told that she has a reputation for being an easy woman. Upset, he suddenly discovers the torments of jealousy… Worldly, voluptuous and cruel, the characters in these short stories by Proust flit around with a refinement that announces the heroes of In Search of Lost Time. There are 4 novels.

April 2024

Here’s the book I chose: The Game of Love and Chance by Marivaux.

The Game of Love and Chance is a three-act romantic comedy by French playwright Marivaux. The Game of Love and Chance was first performed 23 January 1730. In this play, a young woman is visited by her betrothed, whom she does not know. To get a better idea of the type of person he is, she trades places with her servant and disguises herself. However, unbeknownst to her, her fiancé has the same idea and trades places with his valet.

March 2024

Here’s the book I chose: Une mort très douce by Simone de Beauvoir.

Une mort très douce is a short autobiographical story by Simone de Beauvoir, published in 1964, which describes how the author lived the last months of her mother’s life with her. According to Sartre, this book is the best she has written.

February 2024

Here’s the book I chose: La femme au collier de velours by Alexandre Dumas.

The first chapter of this short novel is in fact autobiographical. Dumas discusses at some length Charles Nodier (1780-1844), writer and close friend with whom he was welcomed in Paris in his early days and thanks to whom he was introduced into the intellectual life of the capital. At the end of this first chapter, Dumas explains that Nodier told him a story, which he relates in the rest of the novel. From the start the tone is set: reality and fiction are inextricably intertwined…

January 2024

Here’s the book I chose: La peste by Albert Camus.

A strange thing has begun happening in Oran. Rats are emerging into the streets, where they move awkwardly in a sort of dance, then bleed profusely and die. At first there are just a few. Then their numbers grow. Soon rats are dying this way by the thousands, so many that they have to be piled and burned. Dr. Bernard Rieux, a physician, recognizes the way the rats are dying is odd and now it is probably not a good sign.”


Here’s the book I chose: Dora Bruder by Patrick Modiano.

“Patrick Modiano opens Dora Bruder by telling how in 1988 he stumbled across an ad in the personal columns of the New Year’s Eve 1941 edition of Paris Soir. Placed by the parents of a 15-year-old Jewish girl, Dora Bruder, who had run away from her Catholic boarding school, the ad sets Modiano off on a quest to find out everything he can about Dora and why, at the height of German reprisals, she ran away on a bitterly cold day from the people hiding her. He finds only one other official mention of her name on a list of Jews deported from Paris to Auschwitz in September 1942.”

French Beginners & intermediates

May 2024

Here’s the book I chose: Contes et nouvelles by Guy de Maupassant.  (A2/B1)

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Online French Book Club

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Is this online French Book Club right for you?


  1. The Club is suitable for learners with an intermediate or advanced level of French
  2. The groups of Saturday’s are best for beginners and intermediates
  3. Learners who want to improve their French level
  4. Learners who are ready to take the time to read
  5. Learners who are interested in getting feedback and support


  1. Learners who don’t want to put in the time needed to read
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French Reading Club FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 groups : intermediates + and beginners +. Send an email if you need help to choose the right group.

You need four things: a stable internet connection, a computer, the book of the month and Zoom, the free video conferencing tool.

Intermediate group :

You will have to order the book yourself early enough to make sure you receive it before our first class.

Yes, your book will be only in French. And we’ll only speak French during our calls.

Please send me an email to provide me with your availabilities.