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Tips to pronounce the French R

Master the R sound in French with our step-by-step guide. Learn how to pronounce this phoneme like a native speaker, and improve your overall pronunciation with consistent practice and patience. With consistent practice and patience, you’ll be speaking like a native French speaker in no time!

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French idiomatic expressions and pronunciation

Mylene Raad

Master French idioms effortlessly! Practice correct pronunciation and grasp their meanings for seamless conversations in French.

How to read French accent marks?

Mylene Raad

Explore the nuances of reading French accents in this blog. Delve into the correct pronunciation of ‘e accent grave’, ‘c cedille’, and more, with clear examples and practical tips to enhance your understanding of these crucial elements of the French language.

10 things to do after you decide to learn French

10 things to do after deciding to learn French

Mylene Raad

Si vous avez décidé d’apprendre le français alors vous avez effectué l’étape la plus importante : prendre la décision. Découvrez les 10 choses à faire après avoir décidé d’apprendre le français.

French set phrases for everyday use and how to pronounce them

Mylene Raad

Learning set phrases is important because they can help you speak more fluently and sound like a native. In this article, you will learn how to pronounce a number of set phrases and expressions in French.

french national day

What is celebrated on July 14th in France?

Mylene Raad

This article explains what happened on July 14, 1789, and why this day became the national day in France. You’ll also find out how the French celebrate this very special day.