An excerpt from The Stranger by Albert Camus to improve your French pronunciation

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Welcome to all for this explained reading of Albert Camus’ work, The Stranger (L’étranger). Whether you are already familiar with this novel or discovering it for the first time, this video will not only allow you to dive into the timeless universe of Camus, but also to improve your pronunciation and oral comprehension in French. In the video of this reading practice, we will focus on three essential aspects of the French language: silent letters, liaisons, and sequences.

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Aspects of pronunciation covered in this video

To begin with, there are many letters that are not pronounced in French, but which play a crucial role in the pronunciation of words. For example, in the French word “voiture” and in the French word “balle”, the letter “e” is silent.

Then, the liaisons allow to link the words between them and to facilitate the fluidity of the speech in French. They are essential for understanding and correct pronunciation of the language. Learning to recognize and use liaisons appropriately will make your French sound more authentic and natural.

Finally, some words are pronounced differently depending on the word that follows them. This is especially true when the final consonant of a word is followed by a vowel at the beginning of the next word. By understanding and using the sequences correctly, you will improve your fluency and your ability to understand the rapid speech of native speakers.

Now that we’ve identified these three essentials, you can explore each aspect further by checking out our resources on the Master Your French blog:

Reading practices will deepen your understanding and sharpen your skills. Find out more videos by checking this selection of videos of reading practices. By understanding these subtleties of the language, you will be able to improve your oral expression in French.

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