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How French learners improve their pronunciation

Daily plan, personalized feedback help you improve your French pronunciation.

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A way to progress faster

Reach your goals with a personalized follow-up and a human relationship.

Flexible times

Schedule private lessons that are flexible and will work around your schedule.

Online course

Take advantage of the online course to listen to thousands of audios and do hundreds of quizzes.

Move at your pace

Because it’s just you in the class, these French lessons will help you move at your pace. 

Best Feedback

You can ask for as much error correction, explanations, and feedback!

100% personalized

 Lessons are created specifically for your language level.

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Learn how to speak French in 2023.

I offer courses adapted to YOUR current situation.

I do not propose the same program for every French learner.

Mylene, French language Coach

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1. What's your level?

During the first session, I will test your level of French pronunciation in order to create a personalized program.

learn pronunciation phonetics

2. Study the French sounds

Each sound is pronounced in a different way. We will study how the sounds are produced with the organs of your body.

french alphabet

3. International Phonetic Alphabet for French

The International Phonetic Alphabet is used to describe each sound of the French language. Knowing the International Phonetic Alphabet will allow you to be able to pronounce all the words you read.

practice french pronunciation

4. Learn sounds with words and sentences

A sound is always influenced by the sound that precedes and the sound that follows. This is why we are studying together the pronunciation of sounds within a group of words.

towards french fluency

5. Master the links between words

Learn the important concepts of connection and linking, and how to integrate them into your spoken French.

practice intonation

6. Repeat the French rhythm and intonation

Rhythm and intonation are the two most important things to master when speaking French. I offer many exercises to help you speak with the right rhythm and the correct intonation.

work alone

7. Study on your own

Each session lasts 40 minutes. At the end of each session, I will ask you to do some homework at your own pace. You will be able to send me audio recordings so that I can assess your progress and areas for improvement.

What topics are covered in the online lessons?

Below are the main topics of the program Master Your French with Mylène.

This will improve your French learning:

  • French pronunciation
  • Listening skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • French culture
  • French spelling system
improve your french

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Enjoy a unique online learning experience.

A private French course with premium educational content.

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Private French lessons: When and where?

laptop book learn

The lessons are exclusively online.

  1. 1 lesson = 1 French learner
  2. 1 lesson = 40 minutes
  3. 1 lesson = 1 Zoom call
  4. 1 lesson = homework after the lesson

Choose an Offer

Personalize your learning experience and choose the offer that best suits you.

1 Lesson

For those who want to work alone and receive a personal Pronunciation Plan
$ 79
  • > 1 lesson
  • > 60 minutes = 1 lesson
  • > You’ll receive your personal Pronunciation Plan (for 2 months)
  • > Access to the All-In-One Toolkit (2 months)
  • FREE : $44 online course (two months)

5-Lesson Package

For those who want to identify and work on their weaknesses quickly.
$ 245
  • > 5 lesssons
  • > 40 minutes = 1 lesson
  • > Homework
  • > Daily feedback
  • > 5 hours to be taken within two months.
  • FREE : $44 online course (two months)

10-Lesson Package

For those who want to work on the most important aspects of their accent and make significant improvement.
$ 390
  • > 10 lessons
  • > 40 minutes = 1 lesson
  • > Homework
  • > Daily feedback
  • > 10 hours to be taken within four months.
  • FREE : $88 online course (four months)

Book a lesson

The objective of this first call is to define your needs and to evaluate your pronunciation.

Private lessons to improve your French learning

Master Your French

I will share with you resources, books, and guides to boost your level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is perfect for you whether you have a beginner +, an intermediate or advanced level (A2-C2)

The time required depends among other things on:

  • Your mother tongue: are the sounds of your language close to French?
  • How long have you been speaking French: 6 years or 6 months?
  • How often will you practice French: one day a week or one hour a day? The result will not be the same.
  • Do you like French? if you don’t like French culture and / or the sounds of French it will be difficult to imitate French speakers.

The Master Your French course is available online 24/7. Take your course when and where you want.

You need three things: a stable internet connection, a computer, and Zoom, the free video conferencing tool.

You can book a lesson between 8 AM and 8 PM (Paris time) from Monday to Friday.
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