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Syllable division rules in French

In this article, discover how to divide words and sentences into syllables to master the melody and get closer to the perfect accent of the French language. Learning these rules is essential to help you read and speak better in French.

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Vocal harmony: The guide

Discover the impact of vowel harmonization when pronouncing words in French. Understand how vowel harmony alters the sound of a vowel, enhancing your understanding of vocal dynamics.

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How to read French accent marks?

Explore the nuances of reading French accents in this blog. Delve into the correct pronunciation of ‘e accent grave’, ‘c cedille’, and more, with clear examples and practical tips to enhance your understanding of these crucial elements of the French language.

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To master French well, it is essential to understand the rules of pronunciation of words and sentences. In this video, we will analyze an extract from the film “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain” to concretely illustrate how words and sentences are pronounced in French. We will pay particular attention to the connection between words, that is to say, the way in which the end of a word is linked to the beginning of the next word in the same sentence. This exercise will allow you to better perceive the rhythm and musicality of the French language through a concrete example taken from a cinematographic work.