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Art and History in France

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Topics covered in this course


Lesson 2: L'art du vitrail, évolution à travers les siècles

According to the National Institute of Arts and Crafts, France, a land of cathedrals, is the country with the largest surface area of ​​stained glass in the world, at 90,000 m2 of stained glass.

Lesson 4: Matisse, le papier découpé

“Instead of drawing the outline and installing the color in it – one modifying the other – I draw directly in the color”.

Julie Victoire Daubie

Lesson 5: Julie-Victoire Daubié, la première bachelière

In 2020, three hundred thousand candidates are trying to get the baccalaureate. On August 17, 1861, there was only one.

Ecole des chartes

Lesson 9: L'école de Chartes sur un timbre

The School of Charters is the only institution in the world to train experts to decipher ancient writings, translate them, transcribe them and give their meaning to old documents – an estate, a deed of sale … – whatever either the medium, the language and the time.

camille claudel

Lesson 10: L'or de Camille Claudel

“I showed her where to find the gold, but the gold she finds is hers.” Auguste Rodin


Lesson 8: Bizet, musicien surdoué

 Georges Bizet was a very inspired composer, drawing from literature and Italian landscapes, but above all from the torment of human feelings, of which he himself fell prey. Little recognized during his lifetime by the general public, his work had nevertheless conquered the circle of composers who saw in him the revival of French music.

Art and History classes: When and where?

The calls are exclusively online:

  • every Monday at 3pm (Paris time) – Intermediates (group A)
  • every Thursday at 1pm (Paris time) – Intermediates (group B)

6 French learners per group.

$49 covers one month class for 1 person and includes: 

  • Pre-call preparation: Before every call, I will submit specific questions to help you understand all the elements that the reading group will discuss.
  • A new lesson each week: we’ll study one new lesson each week
  • 1-hour call each week: This is the time when the group meets online to discuss with me and other French learners on Zoom.
  • Follow-up emails 
  • Access to previous lessons
  • The lessons and calls are only in French

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  • The program is suitable for learners with an intermediate or advanced level of French (B2-C2),
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  • This course is not meant for complete beginners. 
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