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Pronunciation of the words: tout, toutes, and tous

The words “tout”, “toute” and “tous” are some of the words we use every day, but these words also include several different pronunciations. You can learn more by consulting this article which details the pronunciation rules for “tout”, “toute” and “tout” according to their nature and function.

pronunciation french vowel y

Learn to pronounce the vowel Y

Learning French pronunciation becomes much easier when you know some tricks. That is what this article proposes to discover. We are going to see together how the vowel Y is pronounced precisely in French.

Exploring N and M consonant pronunciation nuances

This article presents the different pronunciations of the consonants N and M according to their position in a word. Learn the rules for knowing whether to pronounce a nasal consonant or a nasal vowel. For French learners, it is necessary to be attentive when encountering double consonants N and M to find the correct pronunciation

Vowel sequencing in French pronunciation

In this French pronunciation lesson, accompanied by a video, we will examine vowel sequencing in French. We approach this subject by illustrating different examples and analyzing various cases where two consecutive vowels belong to different syllables, either inside a word or at the border of two words.

double consonant in french phonetic

Consonant doubling in French phonetic

Anyone who wants to speak French confidently and with clarity needs to learn how to pronounce French, especially how to double consonants. This article is for learners who are interested in understanding the consonant doubling in French and how it can achieve precise and coherent French pronunciation while avoiding mispronunciations and confusion.

phonological assimilation in French

Everything to know about phonological assimilation in French

The assimilation of sonority in linguistics can influence the pronunciation of words and groups of words in French. Consonants can undergo changes that affect the voiceless or voiced character of their pronunciation. This phenomenon is sound assimilation. Learn the rules and watch the video to understand everything about assimilation in French.