Learn to pronounce French sounds and words

Pronunciation is how a word and a combination of letters should be pronounced. The pronunciation of French takes into account the sound produced, the intonation and the rhythm of words and sentences.

In these various articles you will first of all discover how to pronounce letters, for example how to pronounce words that start with the letter H or how to pronounce the letter S.

Then you will get to know the liaison in French. There are compulsory liaison, optional or prohibited liaisons.

You must also know how to say silent letters in French.

Then you’ll be able to practice the French intonation with audios.

French Pronunciation Lessons

french pronunciation and the liaison with nasal vowels

French Nasal Vowels in Liaisons

Learn when to make the liaison with French nasal vowels and discover when the liaison should not be made. This article is everything you need to know about liaisons, denasalization, and French pronunciation.

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Learn how to pronounce French words and sounds. Take your French pronunciation to the next level with video and audio lessons.

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