Syllable division rules in French

In this article, discover how to divide words and sentences into syllables to master the melody and get closer to the perfect accent of the French language. Learning these rules is essential to help you read and speak better in French.

6 tips for speaking faster in French

Speaking French sometimes remains a challenge after years of study, especially when you aim not only to master the language, but also to be able to express yourself quickly. This article offers you practical tips for refining your rapid communication skills in French. Learning the language of Molière can be both rewarding and stimulating. Discover effective strategies for fluid and confident communication.

Vowel sequencing in French pronunciation

In this French pronunciation lesson, accompanied by a video, we will examine vowel sequencing in French. We approach this subject by illustrating different examples and analyzing various cases where two consecutive vowels belong to different syllables, either inside a word or at the border of two words.