Useful French Expressions

Now is a good opportunity to consider mastering the many common expressions of the French language that will help you in your life or business.

There are numerous French expressions not only to learn but also to understand how to say them, when is it appropriate to say them (or not), and how French people use them in their daily life and casual conversations.

These useful French expressions may serve to broaden your French vocabulary.

Besides these French pronunciation and vocabulary, you can find additional ways to raise your French skills to the next level.

Learn how to say good luck in French as I explain in this article about the 20 expressions to wish good luck in French

Find out the best alternatives to saying good night in French. You’ll also find the right situations in which every expression is appropriate.

Discover all the details on how to say and when to say you’re welcome in French as well as how to use many of this expression’s variants.

Last but not least, learn how to say nice to meet you in French as I teach you in How does a French say nice to meet you?

You can also check our brief guide to learn common French expressions to help you learn many useful expressions in French.

A Selection of French expressions for everyday

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Learn how to communicate in French with the right expressions and words. Pick the right expressions, become and sound a bit more like a French.

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