Our French programs

Our goal is to help you improve your level of French.

A pronunciation course to help you speak better French.

An online French book club for book lovers.

An Art and History program to discover the French culture.

French pronunciation course

Improve your pronunciation with MasterYourFrench

You have two options depending on your needs: an online course or private lessons.

Master your french programs

A French Pronunciation Course

The online course is perfect for people looking to work at their own pace. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of the French sounds and discover the International Phonetic Alphabet. You’ll have various exercises to repeat and imitate the French sounds along with the right rhythm and intonation. You’ll also get access to hundreds of videos and thousands of audio. With all these resources you’ll have the opportunity to test your French listening skills and progress. The ultimate goal of this course is to help you understand the rules behind French pronunciation and apply them through practical exercises. Try now the online pronunciation course.

Private French lessons

Private lessons are the best way to quickly improve your French pronunciation. I’ll provide you with daily assistance and weekly feedback with personalized videos. The goal is to design a 100% personalized program from which you’ll get the most. Click on the button below to learn more about how to book your seat.

Online book club

Read in French with FrenchBookMark

If you want to read a book every month and discuss it with other French learners then the French book club is perfect for you! I propose to read the classics of French literature. Discover the different groups and the different schedules available on the FrenchBookmark site.

Art & History Club

Art & History of France with Recapitulative

Are you learning French and are you interested in the Art and History of France? In this case, you must participate in the Art and History Club. This Club is intended for an intermediate and advanced level. Each week we meet online to discuss a specific point of the Art and History of France. Discover the different groups and the different schedules available on the Recapitulative website.