Online French Conversations

Conversation Lessons to become a better French speaker

Online conversations to practice your French language skills and to propel confidence when speaking French.

100% personalized

 Lessons are created specifically for your language level and topics of interest.

Flexible times

Schedule private lessons that are flexible and will work around your schedule.

Practice with a native

Become acquainted by practicing and learning new vocabulary and grammar.  

Move at your pace

Because it’s just you in the class, these French lessons will help you move at your pace. 

Best Feedback

You can ask for as much error correction, explanations, and feedback!

A way to progress faster

Reach your goals with a personalized follow-up and a human relationship.

Discussion points you can include

Learn French by exploring topics of interest that match with your needs and goals.

improve fernch grammar and avoid mistakes

French grammar

 Speak using your grammar knowledge in real conversations. You can choose a specific grammar form to practice. For example, past tense, future tense, the subjunctive, etc.

French culture a monument with history

French art and history

Discover many aspects of the French culture such as French cinema, art, French history, music, political life, etc.

discover what French people eat

French gastronomy

French people love cooking and eating out, so let’s talk about the well-known French gastronomy and what the French really eat.

talk about French news

News in French

Improve oral expression skills through discussion on various topics of your interest, role-playing in real-life situations.

learn modern fernch expressions

French expressions

Learn and practice everyday French phrases, expressions, and idioms.

study french books

French literature

Study a French book with me. You’ll discover great French authors and you’ll improve your vocabulary.

Practice French conversation lessons: When and where?

The calls are exclusively online. The conversations are 1-on-1 lessons.

What you need to do:

  1. Choose what you need to talk about.
  2. Book a free consultation to explain your needs.
  3. Buy the offer you’re interested in.

The places are limited!

Start speaking French today!

5 lessons

5 x 60 minutes
$ 200
for 5 lessons
  • > Pre-call preparation
  • > 1 hour call per lesson
  • > Follow-up emails

10 lessons

10 x 60 minutes
$ 340
for 10 lessons
  • > Pre-call preparation
  • > 1 hour call per lesson
  • > Follow-up emails

Save 15%

Book your first lesson

Explain your needs during a free consultation.

Online French Language Exchange

If you're wondering...

Are these conversation lessons right for you?


  • The program is suitable for learners with an intermediate or advanced level of French
  • Learners who want to improve their French level
  • Learners who are ready to take the time to speak
  • Learners who are interested in getting feedback and support


  • This course is not meant for complete beginners 
  • Learners who don’t want to put in the time needed to speak
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French Conversation Lessons FAQ

The program is perfect for you whether you have an intermediate or advanced French level.

You need three things: a stable internet connection, a computer, and Zoom, the free video conferencing tool

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