How to pronounce Ainsi in French?

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how to pronounce ainsi in french

Ainsi is an adverb in French that means like this, in this way in English.


  • Il faut faire ainsi: This is the way to do it
  • C’est ainsi qu’il a réussi: That’s how he succeeded
  • C’est mieux ainsi: It’s better that way
  • Le prêt est refusé, c’est ainsi: The loan has been turned down, that’s just how it is.
  • Ecrivez-moi un commentaire ainsi nous pourrons discuter: If you add a comment below, I’ll get back to you.

How To Pronounce Ainsi In French?

In French, the word ainsi is pronounced /ɛ̃si/. In details:

  • /ɛ̃/ sound: the mouth is opened and stretched horizontally, the tip of the tongue touches the front lower teeth. ry to pronounce the vowel i first and then you can pronounce the nasal vowel /ɛ̃/.
  • /s/ sound: place the tip of your tongue lightly against the ridge behind your upper teeth. As you push air out of your mouth, squeeze the air between the tip of your tongue and the top of your mouth. The vocal cords don’t vibrate while saying this sound.
  • /i/ sound: your tongue should be positioned high in your mouth, and shifted toward the front. Your lips should be tensed, and the corners of your mouth slightly stretched apart. Your lips should only be slightly open. Your vocal cords vibrate.

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Related Words in French

There are different useful expressions with the word “ainsi”.

You can replace “ainsi que” by the word “comme”:  just as

  • For example: ainsi que je le disais (just as I was saying)

Note that “ainsi que” does not take the subjunctive as this is an expression of certainty.

You can also say “pour ainsi dire“: so to speak

  • For example: Je ne suis plus sûre de ce que je veux pour ainsi dire (I don’t know what I want anymore so to speak.)

Another expression with the word ainsi is “ainsi de suite“: and so on and so forth

  • For example: un est plus petit que deux, deux est plus petit que trois et ainsi de suite (one is smaller than two, two is smaller than three and so on and so forth)

The last expression with ainsi is “ainsi soit-il“: so be it

  • For example: si c’est vraiment ton choix, ainsi soit-il! (if it’s your choice, so be it!)

Pronunciation of AIN in French

The word ainsi contains the letters a and I (ai) that are followed by the consonant n. To find out about the pronunciation of the letters ai watch this video: How to pronounce AI in French and the Exceptions that You Should Know. You’ll also discover other words that contain the sound ain in French and you’ll learn how to correctly pronounce this sound.

Ainsi a better pronunciation

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