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Good luck means bonne chance in French. Learn how to pronounce bonne chance in French. You'll also discover many sentences in French with bonne chance.
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Bonne Chance in French

Bonne chance is an expression in French that means good luck in English. Chance is a feminine noun in French: La chance, the plural is “les chances”. Bonne chance is what someone would say to a friend who is going on an audition in a French play.


  • Je te souhaite bonne chance pour ton audition: I wish you luck for your audition.
  • Elle doit passer son permis de conduire, ses parents lui ont souhaité bonne chance: She must pass her driving license, her parents wished her good luck.
  • Je ne sais pas si je vais te revoir avant alors je te dis bonne chance: I don’t know if I will see you again before then I say good luck.
  • Nous les félicitons et leur souhaitons bonne chance!: We warmly congratulate them and wish them good luck!
  • Je vous souhaite bonne chance et bien du succès dans ce travail: At the same time, I want to wish you luck and every success.

How to pronounce "bonne chance" in French?

In French, “bonne chance” is pronounced /bɔn.ʃɑ̃s/

  • /b/ sound: Your lips are closed and placed against one another. Vibrate your vocal cords, and push air out of your mouth against your closed lips. Release the air in one moment, as your vocal cords continue to vibrate.
  • /ɔ/ sound: The tongue is back, the mouth is opened and the lips are rounded.
  • /n/ sound: Place the front of your tongue against the roof of your mouth, behind your teeth. The tip of your tongue should touch the roof of your mouth. Now, vibrate your vocal cords.
  • /ʃ/ sound: Place the tip of your tongue at the front of the top of your mouth, behind where the /s/ is produced. Push air between the top of your mouth and the tip of your tongue. Do not vibrate your vocal cords.
  • /ɑ̃/ sound: The mouth is opened and your tongue is back.
  • /s/ sound: Place the tip of your tongue lightly against the ridge behind your upper teeth but do not touch the teeth. As you push air out of your mouth, squeeze the air between the tip of your tongue and the top of your mouth. Do not vibrate your vocal cords as you make this sound.

The letter e at the end of the words “bonne” and “chance” is not pronounced.

This Instagram video will show you how to pronounce bonne chance in French. Click the link to listen to this video or directly play the video shown below.

The French language contains a large number of words that are difficult to pronounce. To learn the right pronunciation of French words check our article on the pronunciation of French words.

Useful expressions with the word chance

There are different useful expressions with the word “chance”. You’ll discover these expressions in sentences in French as well as how this translates to the English language.

First chance

  • Au petit bonheur la chance: haphazardly luck
    Elle a choisi ses numéros de loto au petit bonheur la chance: She chose her lottery numbers haphazardly luck.
  • Avoir la chance de faire quelque chose: have the opportunity to do something.
    Après mes études, j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir faire un stage dans l’entreprise que je voulais: After my studies, I had the opportunity to do an internship in the company I wanted.
  • Avec de la chance: with luck
    Avec de la chance j’arriverai la première: With luck, I’ll get there first.

Unique chance

  • La chance de sa vie: an unique occasion.
    Marie a connu son nouveau directeur en jouant du piano, ce fut la chance de sa vie: Marie met her new director while playing piano, it was the chance of her life.
  • The expression “c’est une chance” means it’s a stroke of luck.
    Avec cette magnifique vue, c’est une chance d’habiter ici: We’re lucky living here with that beautiful view.

Unusual chance

  • If you’re lucky and it’s unusual, you can use the expression: chance de débutant: beginner’s luck
    J’ai marqué un but dès mon premier match, c’est une chance de débutant: I scored a goal during my first match it’s beginner’s luck!
  • Coup de chance: stroke of luck
    C’est un coup de chance que tu sois passé par là: It is a stroke of luck that you came by.
  • Porter chance: bring luck
    Cette carte me porte chance: this card brings me luck.
  • Saisir sa chance: seize an opportunity
    Tu dois absolument saisir cette chance: you must seize this opportunity
  • Tenter sa chance: try your luck
    Ce n’est pas la peine de tenter ta chance: You don’t have to try your luck.
  • Une chance sur deux: a 50% chance
    Elle a une chance sur deux de passer son examen: She has a 50% chance of passing her exam.
  • Par chance: luckily
    Par chance, il ne pleut pas: Luckily it’s not raining.

Another Chance

Do you need another chance? You can use the following expressions:

  • Deuxième chance: second chance, second opportunity
    Je n’ai pas obtenu mon permis la première fois, c’est pas seconde chance de réussir: I didn’t get my license the first time this is my second chance to succeed.
  • Dernière chance: last chance
    Cette occasion est ta dernière chance de réussir: This is the last chance to succeed!

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No Chance

  • C’est bien ma chance. This expression is ironic and means I don’t have any chance at all.
    C’est bien ma chance: Just my luck!
  • Gâcher sa chance: miss your chance
    Nous avons gâcher notre chance: We missed our chance!
  • La chance tourne: your luck is turning
    Maintenant il perd, la chance a tourné: Now he’s losing, luck has turned!
  • Laisser passer sa chance: miss your chance
    Ne laisse pas passer ta chance!: Don’t miss your chance!
  • Manque de chance: tough luck!
    Manque de chance mon bus est déjà passé: bad luck my bus has already passed.
  • L’ombre d’une chance: a hope in hell
    Tu l’as vu? Il n’a pas l’ombre d’une chance: You saw it? There is not a chance!
  • Rater sa chance: miss the opportunity
    Vous avez raté votre chance: You miss the opportunity.

Chance for someone else

  • If you want to give an opportunity to somebody else you can use the following sentence: donner sa chance à quelqu’un: give somebody a chance
    Le directeur a donné sa chance à cet employé: The manager gave this employee a chance.

  • La chance sourit à : fortune smiles upon somebody
    Après des années de travail, la chance me sourit enfin: After years of work, fortune finally smiles on me.

More expressions with chance

Let’s learn other useful expressions with the word chance:

  • Encore une chance que: it’s lucky that
    Encore une chance que le bus soit passé en retard, sinon j’attendrais encore!: It’s lucky that the bus passed late, otherwise, I would wait again!
  • Facteur chance: stroke of luck, fortune
    Avec un facteur chance, tu pourras prendre ton train: With a stroke of luck, you’ll be able to take your train.
  • Jour de chance: lucky day
    C’est mon jour de chance, je viens de trouver un billet par terre: It’s my lucky day, I just found a bill on the ground.

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