French Meditation Apps & Crystals to Unlock Your Well-Being

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mediate mobile apps and crystals

French meditation apps have surfed the mindfulness wave and have matured in recent years. While an app on your phone is a great way to get started and to keep up with the meditation practice, some people seek other effective ways to elevate their experience. One of these options is meditation with crystals. It’s an ancient practice that unlocks energy and helps you find inner peace.

In what follows, we’ll answer the basics questions around meditation, provide you with a list of French apps to try, and present the best crystals that you can use to reach mindfulness. You’ll also find a list of the French vocabulary related to meditation and crystals.

Here are the topics covered in this article:

Meditation: A mental exercise

Mediation is the mental exercise that involves relaxation, focus, stillness, and awareness according to Giovanni Dienstmann, the author of Practical Mediation: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide.

As explained in this definition, this exercise helps meditation practitioners to:

  • Relax their body, breath, and try to release all bodily tensions
  • Concentrate and focus their attention on a single object over and over again
  • Find stillness where the physical stillness is one way to experience meditation
  • Become aware to remain present and undistracted while spreading awareness of the whole body 

Meditation is an exercise for the mind and the body. It also engages the emotions and the nervous system. In practice, meditation is about reaching a state of focus on higher emotions and energies by disconnecting for short, or longer periods, from the present outer mundane world. Calming an overactive mind takes work!

The power of meditation

Meditation is a method of spiritual awakening. It is a way to purify the mind. It is also a method to overcome suffering and to expand awareness.

Meditation is here to help us evolve as humans. Most of us have stressful lives, between our family, work, society, deadlines, as well as many other responsibilities… It is a never-ending process.

Meditation helps us in our daily life. Taking a break for yourself during the day to pause is really important. This can be for 10 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes, or more depending on how much time we have.

People who meditate try to attain a high level of mindfulness which means the state of disconnecting and detaching from our mundane life and thoughts.

The more you practice, the fastest attaining this state becomes.

two women meditating outdoor

Getting started with meditation

The fundamental basic steps of meditation are simple:

  1. Close your eyes and breathe in and out many times slowly.
  2. Breathe slowly through the nose counting till 3 and then letting out all the negativity through the mouth.
  3. Try to focus on getting into your body and let out all the negativity.
  4. Try repeating this process until you get focused only on your breathing.

Little by little, you will detach and disconnect from your material reality. 

To help this mindfulness process, try closing your eyes, and only focus on your breathing.

With time, repeating this process will become a habit and you will start learning to disconnect faster from your present reality calming your mind and your thoughts.

Mediation is the mental exercise that involves relaxation, focus, stillness, and awareness.Giovanni Dienstmann

Apps to meditate in French

There are hundreds of meditation apps. After talking to experts and researching 12 apps, the New York Times’s Wirecutter made a list of the best meditation apps in 2020. No doubt that HeadSpace and Calm, two of the world’s most popular meditation apps, are at the top of the list.

With so many apps and ways to meditate, the choice is yours!

In France, Petit Bamboo and Namatata Meditation are two popular meditation apps. They aim to replicate the global success of Headspace and Calm with a French-language mobile version.

Petit Bambou

Petit Bambou is one of the best meditation apps. It makes it easy to get started with meditation. With more than 20 programs, this meditation app has everything you need to teach yourself the techniques to become a serious meditation practitioner.

This French mindfulness app is the #1 free meditation app in France with over 6 million users. The programs, guided sessions, and voices of Petit BamBou are prepared by a large number of meditation experts in different languages.

And of course, with Petit Bambou you can meditate in French. Here are the names of some meditation programs in French:

  • Progression
  • Sleep
  • Mind
  • Work
  • Daily
  • Inspiration
  • Health
man meditating indoor using mobile

Namatata Méditation

Namatata is another French meditation app that you should consider. With Namatata, you’ll be able to listen to meditation sessions in French.

The free version has 7 meditation sessions available which are a great way to discover the practice of meditation. 

In the paid version, Namatata excels in the diversity of its programs that allow you to choose a session according to what you’re currently doing. 

There are hundreds of sessions to manage stress and to sleep better. As summarized by Namatata, the benefits of meditation are numerous. Among these potential benefits:

  • Happiness increase
  • Stress reduction
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Longer life-span
  • Better sleep
  • Concentration increase
  • Better nutrition
  • Pain control
  • Better relationships
  • Better health
  • Increase in self-esteem

Related French Meditation Vocabulary

Among the previously mentioned words, here are some terms in French and English that are related to the French meditation vocabulary:

  • Anxiété: Anxiety
  • Bonheur: Happiness
  • Concentration: Concentration
  • Confiance: Trust
  • Douleur: Pain
  • Inspiration: Inspiration
  • Méditation: Meditation
  • Méditation guidée: Guided meditation
  • Mental: Mind
  • Programme: Program
  • Relations: Relationships
  • Respect de soi: Self-esteem
  • Respiration: Breath
  • Santé: Health
  • Sérénité: Serenity
  • Session: Session
  • Sommeil: Sleep
  • Stress: Stress

Meditate with crystals and stones

Using crystals for meditation is an ancient practice by many cultures around the world for thousands of years.

The following quote summarizes the use and importance of crystals since ancient times. You can find it in the article Use These 6 Crystals to Connect with the Universe.

Humans have been drawn to crystals for thousands of years. Kings and queens used them for protection, shamans use them for healing, watch-makers use quartz to tell time, and scientists use them in microchips

The yoga journal

Why meditate with crystals?

Crystals are a powerful way to deepen your meditation. Using crystals for meditation can supercharge the power of your intentions. Manifest your goals and and you’ll act accordingly to achieve them. Beyond using them for mediation, crystals are also used for healing chakras and balancing energy. 

In reality, healing stones and crystals can connect people to certain emotions. Leveraging the power of stones and crystals is a way to experience and develop a unique meditation practice. Besides there benefits, you can carry crystals with you and, therefore, stick to your mediation rituals wherever you are. Consistency is key after all!

Best Crystals for meditation

Below you’ll find six of the best crystals, with their characteristics, to help you with meditation. You can get these stones from The Land of Energy.

1. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli crystals promote:

  • Love
  • Intuition
  • Inner truth
  • Inner power
  • Power
  • Decisions
  • Positive magic
  • Self-confidence

Check the Lapiz Lazuli stone

Lapis Lazuli
View Crystal

2. Amethyst (Améthyste)

Amethyst crystals are associated with:

  • Positive transformation
  • Feminine energy
  • Psychic abilities
  • Inner peace and healing
  • Meditation
  • Balance
  • Stress relievers
  • Communication

Check the Amethyst stone

View Crystal

3. Aventurine

Aventurine crystals are associated with:

  • Balance
  • Energy
  • Abundance
  • Personal Growth
  • Healing and comforting

View the Aventure crystal

View Crystal

4. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline crystals promote:

  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Electromagnetic vibrations reduction
  • Low vibrations reduction
  • Negativity absorption
  • Good luck
  • Happiness

View the Tourmaline stone

Black Tourmaline
View Crystal

5. Mookaite

Mookaite crystals are associated with:

  • Grounding
  • Spirituality
  • Ancestral power
  • Healing the body
  • Anxieties and fears of the future reduction
  • Intuition boosters for major decisions

Check the Mookaite crystal

View Crystal

6. Citrine

Citrine crystals are associated with:

  • Prosperity
  • Generosity
  • Creativity
  • Protection
  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Comfort
  • Success
  • Truth
  • Spiritual growth

Check the Citrine crystals

View Crystal

Crystals’ Properties French vocabulary

Among the previously mentioned terms, here is the related French meditation vocabulary:

  • Abondance: Abundance
  • Amour: Love
  • Ancrage: Grounding
  • Confort: Comfort
  • Créativité: Creativity
  • Crystal: Crystal
  • Équilibre: Balance
  • Énergie: Energy
  • Décision: Decisions
  • Générosité: Generosity
  • Intuition: Intuition
  • Pierre: Stone
  • Prospérité: Prosperity
  • Protection: Protection
  • Spiritualité: Spirituality
  • Succès: Success
  • Vérité: Truth

The following list includes the crystal vocabulary in French that has two or more words:

  • Basses fréquences: Low vibrations
  • Bonne chance: Good luck
  • Croissance spirituelle: Spiritual growth 
  • Confiance en soi: Self-confidence: 
  • Développement personnel: Personal Growth
  • Force ancestrale: Ancestral power
  • Guérison physique: Healing the body
  • Moment de magie: Positive magic
  • Moment de vérité: Inner truth
  • Ondes électromagnétiques: Electromagnetic vibrations
  • Pierre des guérisseurs: Healers’ stone
  • Paix intérieure: Inner peace
  • Pouvoir intérieur: Inner power 
  • Transformation positive: Positive transformation:

Manifesting your desire

Different schools of thought, different societies, and different religions have their opinion on mediation. 

Meditation, using apps or with crystals, is one way to reduce stress and anxiety.

While there are many ways to practice meditation, having crystals nearby is a powerful way to deepen your meditation.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to seek mindfulness and to improve our well-being.

Manifest your goal and clarify a particular vision you would like before you start meditating. 

Doing so will make you more likely to act accordingly and achieve this specific outcome. State and visualize what you want and desire. 

So tell me, what do you truly desire?

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Have fun and learn

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