How to pronounce Grenouille in French?

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how to pronounce grenouille in french

Une grenouille is a noun in French that means a frog in English. In French “une grenouille” is a feminine noun. The plural is : les grenouilles.

Find below a number of examples in which the word “grenouille” is used:

  • Il pleut, il mouille, c’est la fête à la grenouille. This is a French song for kids: it’s raining it’s wet it’s the frog party
  • La grenouille a fait un grand saut dans la mare:  The frog jumped into the pond.
  • Les Français mangent-ils les grenouilles ? Do the French eat frogs?
  • Il faut embrasser beaucoup de grenouilles avant de trouver un prince. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. Indeed this last sentence refers to fairy tales, the princesses kiss the frogs, and the frogs become princes.

How to pronounce “Grenouille” in French?

The French word “grenouille” is pronounced /gʀənuj/

  • /g/ sound: when -g is followed by a consonant other than -n, it has a hard sound like the /g/ sound of the English word good.
  • /r/ sound: the French -r is pronounced at the back of the throat, with the tip of your tongue against your bottom front teeth.
  • /ə/ sound: the tongue is in the central part of the mouth, the mouth is more relaxed and the lips are slightly rounded.
  • /n/ sound: place the front of your tongue against the roof of your mouth, behind your teeth. The tip of your tongue should touch the roof of your mouth. Vibrate your vocal cords.
  • /u/ sound: your tongue is back, your lips are rounded and your mouth is less open.
  • /j/ sound: is pronounced like the beginning of the English word “yes” ⠀

This Instagram video will show you the right pronunciation of “grenouille”. in French. Click on the link to listen to this video or directly play the video shown below.

The French language contains a large number of words that are difficult to pronounce. To learn the right pronunciation of French words, you can check our article on the pronunciation of French words.

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