French Vocabulary Lists

There are many lists, topics, travel phrases that are full of French words if you’d like. In this section, you’ll find useful lists of French vocabulary that go beyond simple English-French translations. These guides contain lists of common French words and phrases as well as explanations that focus on France and the French culture.

Learning French vocabulary is key to successful communication. Communication efficiently in French is a valuable skill that French learners would like to grow. While French beginners want to grow their French vocabulary, intermediate and advanced learners aim to reach a vocabulary comparable to the one that native speakers have.

Now, you need to decide among these many French vocabulary lists, which one to pick?

Do you want to start learning greetings in French?

Or it is more valuable for you to learn French numbers?

After all, who doesn’t want to learn about the French comics vocabulary?

Indeed memorizing many French words is nice and it might be helpful when playing Scrabble but will that be truly helpful for you to communicate effectively?

The best strategy is to focus on the useful list of French vocabulary. As a French language expert, I recommend a useful vocabulary of the most common French words. With around 5,000 words you’ll reach a level where you can communicate, read short passages in a comfortable way.

This is the right way to measure your learning progress and to be assured that you’re not over-performing or under-performing as a French language beginner. You can also check our beginner’s guide to learn French vocabulary.

Enjoy reading these articles as they highlight the list of the common words used within their specific context.

Essential Vocabulary Lists

Discovery Vocabulary Lists

Latest Vocabulary Articles

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